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Sandra Felix

Sandra Flex is a lecturer at Wits School of Architecture and planning, she is simultaneously a managing member at Greenbrick design and has been a practising architect since her graduation from the University of Witwatersrand in 1998. Felix’s research and practice explored within the “Sustainability triangle”- where a balance of technical, social and economic factors are taken into account and passive building design in all South African climatic regions.


Her work in heritage research and practice explored within a proposed “Heritage triangle”- balancing architectural or built heritage principles with social, political, economic and landscaping heritage – with mappings and research into all areas unearthing a fuller picture of heritage concerns on any particular site.


Her work in Architectural Education, following the tragic death of one of her first-year students at WITS, she researched architectural education in South Africa and beyond, with particular reference to transformation both of students and staff as well as curriculum. The result is an as yet unpublished paper entitled “Architecture for all”. The paper explores the practice of Architectural Education and it’s implications to social equality, and consequences in the lives of disadvantaged students. Numerous discussions with Ariane Janse Van Rensburg contributed to the paper.

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