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Rod Hackney

Kansara Hackney Ltd (KH) aims to alleviate poverty through community architecture, which began when one of the two directors, Dr Rod Hackney, realised that the root of the sustainability debate lay in tapping neglected human potential. To satisfy the UN-Habitat alleviation of slum conditions, KH involves local slum dwellers with professional enablers, who live and work within the shantytowns, through a self-help programme of renovation and social improvement.

The slum-energizing programme began in 1971 with Dr Hackney's house in Black Road, which like 1.5 million other UK homes, was classified by the government as "unfit for human habitation". Community Architecture's role in resisting the inevitable demolition of houses and championing of an alternative sustainable self-build programme involves all slum residents. Join the KH team and learn how to set-up your own Community Architecture Project. We work through the tools necessary, pit-falls and numerous examples to get your show on the road!

Rod Hackney's Inner City objective is a simple one. Only by living in slums can professionals and communities efficiently work together to overcome crowded, dirty, and run-down environments. His successful results alleviated poverty, halted social decay, degradation and riots, whilst creating sustainable jobs, recycling waste, reducing harmful emissions and producing green environments. His slum upgrading skills were acknowledged by the Paris based Union Internationale des Architectes (UIA). The UIA Sir Robert Mathew Prize citation stated that Rod Hackney's "work represents an extremely innovative approach to community architecture. Here, as a member of the community, the architect assumes the role of organizer and teacher, helping people to improve their own living environment. The technology transfer is part of a process in community design and reconstruction".

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