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Nadia Tromp (UIA CA+HR Director/GIFA President)

Nadia Tromp is a South African architect known for her work with social and public architecture, particularly healthcare within the context of South Africa. In 2017 she was the world architecture festival winner in the category of health for her Westbury clinic. She later received the 2017 award of excellence from GIFA (Gauteng Institute for Architecture) and the 2018 award of merit from SAIA (South African Institute of Architects).


Her philosophy is to provide an architecture that is humane, equitable, accessible and a delight to engage with. Tromp holds the position of Director of the International Union of Architects (UIA) "Community Architecture" - Architecture & Human Rights (CA+HR), work programme, a global ongoing workshop that runs parallel to the preparation for each UIA Congress, this workshop is to be completed in time for the 2020 Brazil UIA Congress.


In February 2018 Tromp was elected President of the Gauteng Institute for Architecture.

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